Virgin Mary 240sx

With the overwhelming take over of the drifting scene into the US, the 240sx has become a new love for fellow import enthusiasts. Even though Hondas (in my opinion) are still the more popular to make look good and go fast, after seeing this 240sx you will definitely think again about your next project. Although this 240 is not a drift warrior, street racer, or show queen, your first virgin glance at it will take your breath away.

I remember driving one day and from a distance, I noticed something really white with gold shoes and a front end not too familiar to the daily eye. It took me a second to absorb what I had just seen. It was like that one time you saw this gorgeous girl at the mall, wanted to say something, but didn’t and regretted it for a while. Well I didn’t want to be that person to have seen such a beauty for the first time, and never be able to admire it up close. I went searching high and low to find out who had the nerve to create such a beast and drive it around town. Finally, I decided to go to the 240 gurus in town, Enjuku Racing, and started sticking my nose around. Chatting with their wiring mad scientist Estevan Mariani, I found out to my surprise that he personally knew the owner of the pristine white 240. I told him to point me towards the way of the owner.

Traveling about 50 miles to find the home place of such a wonder, I finally met up with the owner, Mike. Of course, I had to start doing my normal constructive criticism as always. But I became depressed; there was absolutely nothing to critique about the car. Well that’s a first. ? For those that know me well, I criticize about almost everything. But then again, in life – there is always a first for everything.

Driving around town to find a nice spot to place this piece of art for some snaps, I got to experience the wrath of the highly talked about SR20DET. In stock form, this motor can already annihilate a good amount of modded vehicles out there roaming around. While searching for a spot to capture some pictures of this one off vehicle, I was chatting with Mike and started to learn what it takes to build a true show winning project. From start to finish, it literally took 13 months to make it as flawless as it sits. Not cutting any corners on anything, they went even as far as destroying the factory vehicle wiring and basically constructed their own from scratch. With the expertise of Estevan Mariani at Enjuku Racing, not a single stock factory wire was used in the vehicle. All new switch panels, relays, wiring, sleeving, and to top it all off, you do not see any exposed wires anywhere in the interior of this vehicle. I still don’t have a clue where it all of it is ?. But the car runs perfectly and that’s all that matters.

To properly prep a vehicle like this with such an immaculate paint job that you can literally eat off of, nothing can be overlooked. All windows were removed, interior pieces, all the parts in the engine compartment; this car was stripped to the bone. New moldings and window trimming were all purchased and replaced as new. Nothing was spared or partially done to it. You just have to admire such effort, commitment, and time spent into what I would like to call the Jennifer Aniston of all vehicles, PERFECTION.


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