Ultimate GMP

The BMW 3 series has always set the standard for the sport/luxury car market. Their rock-solid build and refined styling keeps the “Ultimate Driving Machine” in check. After riding around in a Subaru with 9kg spring rates for who knows how long, one can appreciate the luxuries provided in a BMW. No one is in a hurry to turn old, but resting your arse and gripping the wheel of a BMW is defiantly a pleasure any sane (or insane) person needs to experience. GMP Performance has been building, chopping, painting, modding, and racing European cars since 1975. So when they pondered about what aftermarket parts to put on an already excellent car, they knew exactly what they were doing.

MVR takes care of the ground work on this BMW. The aerokit has been attached and the seams have been molded in to give it the smooth finish that any refined eye can notice. AC Schnitzer was the company of choice when it came to the subtle, yet sleek 3 piece rear wing. Underneath 10 coats of clearcoat and a fraction of silver paint lies an OEM carbon fiber hood. A Phospheric Headlight Halo kit lights up the road in style. All of these subtle modifications added together give this BMW just enough style to turn anybody’s head twice.

Step into the custom suede cockpit and you’ll notice your hand rests a little lower on the MOMO shift knob thanks to the UUC Shortshift kit. Two silver painted JL Audio 12″ subwoofers in a custom enclosure and an Alpine V12 amplifier embedded in burl wood are controlled by a Sony CD/MP3 player.

Of course the suspension can’t be ignored. All four Artec MK-Dynamic 3-Piece wheels wrapped with 235 front and 265 rear rubber are planted firmly to the ground with FK Coilovers. Open the hood and you immediately see a beefy AC Schnitzer strut tower bar. Take a peek under the car and you’ll see a set of Eibach front and rear sway bars. The torquey inline-6 328ci power plant is juiced up with an Injen Cold Air Intake and AC Schnitzer exhaust. The stock computer diagnostics simply wouldn’t do. So an Upsolute software upgrade was installed for those long trips to save on skyrocketing gas prices and for the right foot whenever it gets heavy.

To an untrained eye this 328ci looks to be nothing more than a stock ride with nice wheels. But this car is catered toward the discriminating enthusiast. The MVR aerokit, the stealthy carbon fiber hood, wide Artec wheels, custom color-matched stereo, power boost, and the numerous AC Schnitzer items that equip this ride is what separates it from the ordinary.

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