TurboKOOP – Honda, Civic

Wayback MachineIt’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since Honda last produced the 92-95 Honda Civic body style. Carrying its popularity well past Y2K, it has never ceases to amaze us the vast differences people can build these cars. Brian Knauff got his hands on this 95 Civic EX coupe when it was Black Mica and automatic. Little did he think that many years from that day the car would be in the form it is presently. Not only has the stock automatic engine and transmission been scraped, the car rolls on an entirely new shade of paint with plenty of power to boot.

Starting with under the hood, the stock EX D16 was tossed aside along with the automatic transmission. Desiring a 5 speed swap and plenty more power, a B18C5 Type-R bottom end was tossed into the engine bay. Completely sleeved by Golden Eagle, the bottom end was fully built with a set of CP Pistons and Eagle Rods. Up top, a stock GS-R head was mated onto the Type-R bottom end. That’s where the fun begins, as the B18C5/C1 hybrid went into construction for some force induction. An Edelbrock intake manifold is force fed extremely chilled pressure thanks to a Precision intercooler. A Garrett GT30R turbo on an Inline Pro exhaust manifold produces the horsepower that this B18C5 never thought it’d have. Out the exhaust side is a 3-inch downpipe to a Thermal 3-inch exhaust system. Tuned with a Hondata S200 unit and a 3bar map sensor, all the power is brought to the ground thanks to a KAAZ LSD, ACT Clutch and a stock GS-R transmission.

After a decade of touring the streets, the exterior of the Civic saw its fair share of abuse. Brian knew it was time for a complete repaint and new body pieces to make the Civic look like new and set itself apart from the crowd. A Starry Blue Mica paint job was in the works, as Brian decided to shave the rear key hole, emblem, antenna and front license plate holes. The front bumper received a new Wings West front lip spoiler and a Sunny Styling carbon fiber hood offsets the new blue shade. Black housed headlights and tinted corner lenses and taillights also give a nice alteration to the otherwise blue chassis.

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