Turbo Honda S2000

The silver S2000 that you all are staring at right now is a true piece of art. Building off the foundation that Honda had already established, this S2K takes on a whole new aggressive look that’s easily backed up with forced induced air all the way to 9000rpms. Starting off with the exterior, the stock front and rear bumper were removed. Replacing the mild stock pieces are rare Garage Defend fascias matched painted as if they were factory. Garage Defend side skirts help flush out and widen the entire stance of the car. Ditching the stock hood for a lighter piece, this S2000 becomes a donor for a Top Secret carbon fibre Vented hood. When the S2000 was first introduced in 2000, it was available in a convertible only with rumors of a hardtop incoming. Once the hardtop was introduced, many fanatics jumped on this along with a specialty company named Mugen. Once again building a more beautiful piece than Honda, the Mugen carbon fibre hard top is like icing on the cake.

With near perfect handling on the RWD roadster, it’s hard to believe that certain companies were able to further enhance the handling capabilities through rigorous research and development. One of these companies, Cusco, has been known worldwide for their high quality suspension components. This S2K has been outfitted with every Cusco product that’s available for the roadster. Starting off with the front and rear sway bars, the Cusco units replace the stock ones with thicker pieces to really balance off the under and over steering. Two lower tie bars were then added – one in the front and one in the rear, tightening up the suspension in ways Honda didn’t think to. Under the hood is a Cusco front titanium strut bar, and in the rear is a Cusco rear upper aluminum strut tower bar. Both of these bars help fasten up and stiffen the chassis, along with the Cusco floor bar chassis reinforcement. No suspension is complete without swapping out the factory spring and strut combination. This S2K is no exception to the rule, as a full Powerhouse Amuse Hi-Tech Damper coil over kit takes place of the boring stock units. Think the S2K handled well out of the box? You should try taking this one for a spin – hugging the road and begging for another curve is the only language it speaks.

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