Spring Clamps to Lower Car Reviews? How To Install

Topic: Ive been looking at cheap ways to lower my car. I found these coil spring clamps that lower a car. Anyone have a review to share? It seems super easy to install and costs are really low. Im very interested in trying these. Does anyone know how to install them on the coil spring? Do I have to remove them or no?

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Posted by Dave S: These clamps you speak of are extremely cheap for a reason. They dont lower your car that much and they also take away from the ride quality. I had used these on my bmw for a little while. Basically what they do is make it so two links in the car spring are stuck together. So it lowers the car some.

If your looking to lower your car on the cheap I would honestly just buy cheap lowering springs because you can get a cheap set for $150 Here is the set I bought on Amazon last month for my mustang.

The ride quality isnt as good on cheap lowering springs but they actually lower your car at least 2 inches. Those clamp things barely even lower the car. To instal the clamps all you do is out the U-bolt on the car spring and start tightening it down until two of the springs are stuck together. You will find out quickly that that car guys hate these clamps. They are a good idea but they just dont give that much for results of the car being lower.

@Reply: I had them on my civic for a week and it rode really bumpy so I just saved my money and bought a good set of Eibach lowering springs and Im super happy. Very worth the money. Especially if you have a newer car. I would maybe cut the coils on my older beater car but not on a nicer new car like mine.

@Reply: The clamps are stupid. I forget what parts store sells them but they are a total waste of time. Even if they are only $10 that is still wasted money. I bought cheap DropZone springs. I know thats a cheaper brand but I wasn’t about to spend $800 on a set of lowering springs. I don’t mind the rough ride anyhow.

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