Fast Sporty Car for Winter?

Topic: What’s a good sporty car thats fast and fun but winter worthy? I am looking for something under the $5000 because I don’t have a ton of money to go buy a Corvette or Dodge Viper..? Be REALISTIC here people.

@Reply: Subaru wrx sti

@Reply: Depends on your perspective of fast…. a ford escort does 110 easily enough haha

@Reply: I want Fast acceleration, good handling!

@Reply: Audi all day long.

@Reply: Mazda 8 or Nissan 250Z

@Reply: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT – blows all the above away in all categories. Touch over $5k, though .

@Reply: Chevy Camaro!

@Reply: Camaro!

@Reply: MazdaSpeed6 is an AWD turbo. There are a lot of quick cars winter worthy, just do some research on what you want.

@Reply: So far, for all of OP’s stated needs of fast and winter worthy, the SRT rules. 4×4 475 hp and 470 lb-ft for its 6.4-liter V8 with an eight-speed automatic or you can step up to the 707 horsepower supercharged Hellcat V8 – now that’s love.

@Reply: Pontiac g6 hands amazing and was good top speed I even won a few street/drag races with mine.

@Reply: Winter wise, awd is helpful but not required. Fun and sporty are subjective. Are you looking for sheer speed, acceleration, handling? A combination of all three? What are you working with price wise? Modified or stock? Brand loyalty? There’s no definite answer. Personally I prefer a combination of speed, acceleration, and handling. First gen tsi eagle talons are fun, if modified they tend to be a little unreliable. Subaru wrx sti, audi, lancer evolution aka “evo”. All great awd cars, the second best winter options would be fwd, everybody hates them but Honda’s are cheap, easy to modify as long as you don’t go “hella flush” or “stanced” with some goofy fiberglass wing, Volkswagen jetta, Mitsubishi eclipse, Saturn ion redline, there’s a thousand fun winter capable cars. Narrow down what features you want, go from there. Decide if you want a car that is stock, or a modified one. Both choices have pro’s and con’s. A modified car can be a great deal, or a nightmare. Stock cars can be limiting but usually more reliable.

@Reply: he has very good suggestions. Another thing to keep in mind is repair cost. With that in mind I would go with something domestic. Just about all domestics under 5k don’t have awd, unfortunately. So I would recommend a Ford Focus. Good handling, great gas mileage, skinny tires and low weight make it good in the snow, highly mass produced so parts and repairs are cheap and keeps some utility by being a hatchback.

@Reply: Audi’s can be found under 5k. That’s because there is a reason. Repair bills can break you.

@Reply: Ford focus; Ford Escort. Are you drunk?!? How are these any bit sporty? Lol. You would probably call a Geo Tracker a large suv, too. Lol.

@Reply: Besides not being a ford guy, yes. Repair costs are an important factor. I’ve worked in parts stores for a couple years, you learn common problems and how much parts cost. For longevity and easy cheap repairs, hands down late 90’s gm and honda. Minimal cost, reliable, few major repairs needed. Fords of the same era are close behind but parts tend to be a bit pricier. Now for 2000 and newer cost goes up a bit. Although extremely fun, anything german, audi, volkswagen, bmw, mercedes, extremely expensive and usually when one major component fails it’s a good indication that your wallet is about to cry. No joke, I’ve seen three different people come in for an alternator or starter, and within a week come back for the other, never buy a German car if you don’t have a decent savings account. I’ll get some flack for saying this, but honestly a good choice would be a grand am/ prix with the 3.8. Supercharged or na, stout cars, run forever and are decently fun. One downfall, the plastic elbows that route coolant through the belt tensioner bracket, get them replaced with the aluminum ones and you’re set. Just my opinion obviously. Otherwise, look for a car being sold by an elderly person, they are usually well maintained, haven’t been abused.

@Reply: Agreed ^^ i have two Mercedes and used to have a BMW and damn parts are expensive. However, it’s worth it. RWD, fast, and fun with good gas milage, and they go thru a butt ton of snow.

@Reply: Not only expensive, but often hard to get. Expect to wait a couple days for most parts.

@Reply: Pontiac Grand Prix….plenty of acceleration and 30 mpg+

@Reply: Bang for your buck, sadly, honda. Yes, vtec is fun. Won’t be a top fuel drag car but cheap, easy to work on, easy to modify. I’ve owned a couple, as well as two third gen camaro’s, 2014 avenger, and now a Saturn.

@Reply: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

@Reply: It’s all subjective. As I said, boils down to purchase cost, repair costs, future plans, driving skill, brand loyalty, and what trips your trigger.

@Reply: Subaru WRX the daddy of all sport winter cars .

@Reply: Evo, indeed! But, a pricier option.

@Reply: Grand prix gtp

@Reply: Look at what cars people drive in the winter, usually a good indication of what works.

@Reply: Mazda 3 or mazda speed 3

@Reply: Honestly Subaru WRX STI but it can be spendy.

@Reply: Basically, anything “fun and sporty” is expensive! Lol. Because race car, sums it up.

@Reply: If you were talking about a summer car, hands down a miata. Almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution, depending on year decent power, modifications to add horse/ torque are relatively inexpensive and budget friendly. Besides the stigma around them, awesome inexpensive sports car.

@Reply: Wrx, evo, golf gti, all excellent choices. As long as you can afford them.

@Reply: I got a dodge magnum rt awd I think it’s fun as hell in the winter.

@Reply: Chrysler 300 it’s a pretty damn good time.

@Reply: 2010 V6 camaro. Rear wheel drive but awesome vehicle in the winter.

@Reply: Audi with all wheel drive and a turbo.

@Reply: If your gonna buy a Camaro why not go with a v8 don’t get that small engine shit go big or go home haha

@Reply: Audi a6 with twin turbo and quattro.

@Reply: I agree with Lawrence. AWD Subaru WRX STI.

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