Spike Lug Nuts Legal or Illegal? Where to Buy

Topic: Im wanting some spike lug nuts for my truck and car. I was wondering if they are legal or illegal to have on my ride?.. They will be on daily drivers so thats why Im wondering. They could be dangerous to kids or pedestrians but.. realistically nothing is ever going to happen..

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Posted by Bill N: These lug nuts are becoming a trend it seems! They are pretty cool I must admit. I just bought some colored spike lugs on Amazon that are heat treated to a green color and they look super cool on my project car! I did hours of research and even asked my neighbour because he is a cop. He said that as long as the lug nuts arent super long and are a realistic length then the cops arent going to bother you. He thought that they shouldnt be longer than 3 inches outside the wheel or it would be seen as a weapon while drown the road. You cant find much online either.. Ive wanted these lug nuts for years and now they are finally being sold mainstream. I bought mine off amazon and they had tons of colors to choose from too. Here is a link from Amazon if your interested!

@Reply: I agree. As long as they arent extremely long you should be legal. It really is going to come down to how the cops are in your area and what your car looks like and other variables. If your not too out of hand with anything in life you should be ok. Same goes for these lugs. Only car guys notice the spikes anyways haha.

@Reply: Who cares whats legal What car mods are EVER legal?.. Window tint, blue headlights, lifted trucks.. its all illegal. Its just a matter of how you drive your car and what the cops say. Attitude is huge too. Im always super respectful when cops pull me over.

@Reply: Im looking for some red ones! My car is white with small accents of red. My wheels are white too. So spike lugs in the color red would be so sick! It seems the links posted do have them! Awesome.

@Reply: I see spike lug nuts as being way less dangerous than all the kids tinting their tail lights and headlights. I mean why the heck would you tint your headlights?!

@Reply: I made the mistake of buying an aluminum set of lugs like these and it was a big problem. I wrecked the part where you turn the lug off and had to bring it to a local mechanic to have him torch it off and.. yeah it was a huge mistake. Dont buy the aluminum ones. What happens is the metal is too soft to be a lug that holds a wheel on. They are maybe meant to be put on a car once and never take off again. I have steel ones now and I am very happy with them.

@Reply: Aside from all the nonsense earlier, each state does have different laws, its best to check with your local DMV or traffic laws. Normally stuff that might be illegal in some states will be marked as Off-road use only Theyre not illegal in Florida as far as I know, but my wheels have a cover over the lug nuts, so I wouldn’t be able to use them. Lol

@Reply: If they stick out further then the wheel then In ny they are illegal.

@Reply: Like everyone else said, if they aren’t out of control you are going to be fine. I have been running the spikes on my Audi for some time now and never had an issue. My neighbour is even a cop and I asked him about them. He said they were cool and as long as they aren’t long in length that I would be fine. I think your worrying too much but it is good to do a bit of research before before just jumping on the road.. so good on you!

@Reply: Yup I have been running them for a year now with zero issues. They are super popular here in California. Old news to most of us around here.

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