American Bass XFL vs HD Subwoofer Review?

Topic: Im looking for some help on what subwoofer is better.. I am looking at the American Bass HD15 or the XFL15? Which is louder and a better deal to buy on Amazon? I need your personal opinions on what is better. Here are two screenshots from Amazon.


@Reply: The xfl series is fuckin awesome id go wit those honestly.

@Reply: Xfl Higher RMS and peak Plus the free shipping cant be beat. or wait.. is it free shipping?

@Reply: Thanks guys ya was going buy use 18 sub but think Im just order these bbys.

@Reply: What u gonna power em with.

@Reply: Used sundown zv3 amplifier.

@Reply: U gonna power the subs with a sub lol how u doin that let me know lmao.

@Reply: Not sure need to up grade alt as well so idk what I should do 1st alt or amp.

@Reply: I recommend a HO alt but im runnin 2k in my expedition and only have big 3 and second batt i didnt drop below 13 volts just a bit of a cheaper way to go unless u plan on runnin more power.

Ever thought about going with a SKAR sub? They are pretty beast! I would guess one of these ZVX 15 inchs would be way louder than just one of those I mean look at these things.

@Reply: Yea was thinking about running dual batty.

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@Reply: The HDs are actually rated for more power at 1500rms, the xfl is rated at 1000rms and 2000 peak. However if you have good electrical and a good amp you can run them on 2000rms a piece, I personally do with my VFL 450.1. Keep in mind you need good clean power to do that.

@Reply: HD series is rated higher then the xfls, its xfl, HD, VFL.

@Reply: I already ordered the xfl but if it wer u u would have got the single hd? I was going get it but idk seen it as a pair.

@Reply: I didnt like my hd much, wasnt in a box built for it either. I hear good things about the xfls, I woulda got the 2, more motor force and cone area.

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