Porsche History

Volkswagen Group is truly a mammoth of the automotive industry and it seems to be expanding like a undefeatable empire. This is why many would be tempted to believe that there is no one above it. Still, Volkswagen AG is actually a subsidiary of Porsche.

We are sure however that this piece of information does not come as an absolute shock to any of you, because Porsche is truly a name of high resonance. The brand was even declared the most prestigious automobile marque in 2006. Its name spells quality, performance, amazing looks and sheer luxury. Simply perfect for being the major shareholder in Volkswagen AG!

But before it reached this peak, Professor Ferdinand Porsche’s company was only about consulting and motor vehicle development, and it actually built no cars of its own. It was established in 1931 and only eight years later did the first Porsche vehicle appear, under the name of Porsche 64. Before this however, another vehicle – extremely famous – was built by the automaker at the request of the German government. They asked for a car for the people, and thus the Volkswagen Beetle came to be. The 64 as well as many of the other following Porsche models borrowed elements from this car.

Ferdinand Porsche was not to remain the head of the company for long, as after World War II his son, Ferry Porsche took his place. Before his father’s death in 1951, Ferry managed to come up with a new model, the 356. The car was successful enough to convince him of his capacities and so he continued to design very appreciated automobiles like the Spyder 550 and others.

The next world-famous Porsche model was the 911, launched in 1964. The car was adored back then and it still is today. It was highly innovative for that time and it continued to amaze customers with each of its new generations. Ten years later the Turbo version of the 911 was introduced with its pressure regulator and exhaust turbocharger.

Porsche continued bringing new and innovative models on the market, such as the 924 with its front-mounted engine, or the high performance 959 model that made a name of itself by winning the Paris-Dakar Rally. Then, in 1988 the first all-wheel drive Porsche was ready to amaze people: the 911 Carrera 4. But breakthroughs did not stop here. One year later the German automaker introduced its Tiptronic automatic gearboxes, and in 1991 it pioneered the introduction of driver and passenger airbags on all its models.

The ‘90s were filled with success for Porsche, even after Ferry Porsche died. The 911 GT1 won the Le Mans, while other high performance models never ceased to appear. Time flew by and before they knew it, the new millennium was here. In 2002 Porsche developed its most unexpected model – a SUV. You all know that we are talking about the famous Cayenne. And now, the latest offspring of the German manufacturer is the Panamera, launched in 2009.


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