Multimedia Beetle

When it comes to show cars these days, if you don’t have a multimedia system in your car, your chances of going home with a trophy is slim to none. With that in mind, Uncle Phil has equipped his VW Beetle with a multimedia system and then some, to make this the ultimate show stopper. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Starting with the inside of the Beetle where all the action is, the heart of the multimedia system starts of with an Onboard Personal Computer which is also equipped with a DVD player and a Global Positioning System. This is all controlled with a motorized keyboard and a 15″ flat screen monitor which all comes to life with a flick of the switch. Now one monitor is just not enough these days, so Uncle Phil opted to add two more 7.2″ monitors to the rear console, and also a Pioneer 7″ in-dash LCD Monitor. To finish it off are Polk MOMO Component speakers fitted in the front and rear, with 2 Polk MOMO 12″ Subwoofers taking care of the bass in the rear. A PS2 system is also available for those long nights at shows so it was natural (or unnatural?) to fit one into the rear bumper, behind the fold down license plate. With all this equipment in a Beetle, Uncle Phil has cleverly managed to fit everything into the hatch and rear seat with lots of custom fiberglass work. It’s complete packages like these that are a rarity these days and why we appreciate being able to see it with our own eyes.

The multimedia is not the only thing that makes the inside of this Beetle stand out. Uncle Phil has also equipped the inside with custom door panels, a custom head liner, and has painted the center console and gauge pods to match the exterior shade of the vehicle.


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