Tinted Tail Light Laws are Smoked Tail Lights Illegal

tinted tail lights law

Tinted Tail Light Laws are Smoked Tail Lights Illegal

All states are different when it comes to laws on tinted tail lights. Below is a list of threads we have found on the internet regarding topics on the laws of tinted tail lights being illegal versus legal.

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New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



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Posted by Harley U:
Why do you guys do so much info on tinting tail lights? haha

@Reply: Welcome to the site and we hope we can help you with what you came here looking for. I would say that you are most likely looking for a guide on smoking or tinting tail lights or any lights for that matter. Lets just say you have found the right place! We host numerous different tutorials that a person can use to learn to tint things themselves.

The main reason for the site, is to share the love of smoked tail lights and accessories with the world. We can talk about this type of stuff all day long.

People tint everything from fog lights to almost anything. Our tutorials are setup in a set of levels in a way. We host a professional finish tutorial that is for professional looking results. We then host basic tutorials that are as easy as pie.

We do stand behind tinting lights and accessories but there are some ideas about the subject that we do not agree with. Laws and such should not not be forgotten about or just bypassed because you feel like it. We love the dark look, but visible light is very important to your safety, and other peoples safety as well.

For instance, people that tint their accessories too dark to the point where someone might as well painted them with spray paint. This somewhat boils down to basic auto repair. We do not agree with this idea, but we can touch base on that later. Our methods used in the tutorials are by no means hard to do, or even that hard to understand. To Black out tail lights is not something that is a tough task at all. People really over thing the process of how some things are done like this. A person can see the results of the job, and already think they are unable to do it.

Have high hopes, because this task of tinting tail lights and accessories is by no means difficult. Of course, that will differ with opinion. But that is most of the feedback we hear of. The whole idea of spray tinting lights is such a cool concept, that we feel it will be super popular within a five year time period. This site is designed to answer every single little question about tinting lights and such of on that topic. Problems like tape residue on the lights, spray cracking, and so much more do occur a lot. People go outside the instructions of the tutorial guides and variables of problems come into play.

Spray Tint, Vht Nite Shades, Smoked Tail Lights

Face it, tinted tail lights look awesome and there is no way around it. With that dark black look really in fashion for the auto world, it makes this cheap mod a perfect do it yourself activity. Heres a little summary of what to expect on this site of ours here.

First off, we have to different tutorials that are do it yourself at home tutorials. There are more tutorials on the way as well. We have fans all of the world, and we are becoming more and more popular through everything. If you have a good tutorial, dont be afraid to send it in! We deal with tons of things. All the way from learning how to paint a car to tinting any type of plastic. We love feedback and tutorials, and almost anything that people send in.

We have a professional tint tail lights finish tutorial that is amazing when it comes to shine and looks. We touch base on so many different things here, that it may be hard to have a question about tinted tail lights that we cannot or do not answer here. But if you do, never be afraid to ask. Then our basic smoked tail lights tutorial is a fool proof tutorial made for basically anyone to do the task.

So there you have it, we just wanted to give this site a bit of an update since it had been a while for any new content. Keep an eye on our blog too. We host tons of different questions and so on there. Enjoy the free tutorials and dont be afraid to tell your friends!

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