Cut Coil Springs While On Car Still?

Topic: I want to lower my car without taking apart all the suspension components. I want to cut the coils while still on the car. If I just decompress the weight of the coil pressure with the weight of the vehicle.. I should be able to sneak in there and cut out a coil right? Wouldn’t it save me a lot of time removing all the components? Sound like a good idea?

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Posted by Kevin B: That sounds like a great idea but thats not how it works. Coil springs in the car are always surrounded by other components and you will never get the room to get a saw in there to cut them. You will have to remove the coils to cut them in your vehicle. Maybe you could get lucky in the rear doing that but I can almost guarantee it wont happen in the front.

Remove your suspension components the right way and just do what you have to. I also don’t agree with cutting the coils but thats a whole other subject aside from this one. You can buy lowering springs for $150 U.S. Dollars. They will ride rough but so will cut springs and at least they will be safer. Amazon has cheap lowering springs for all vehicles. Here’s the set I bought last week from Amazon.

@Reply: The only vehicles that can take cut coils are the older ones because things were different then and older vehicles can take it better.

@Reply: I totally agree with what has been said ^^ I love to lower all my cars but cutting the springs is not the best way. You can buy cheap springs. The problem with cutting them is the perch does not line up with the new cut spring because it is now shaped differently. Mechanics that cut springs will weld them into the perch to make sure they are safe.

@Reply: You will need to remove all the springs because when your cutting the spring while its under pressure you are asking for trouble?! Thats thousands of pounds of torque on a metal spring.. If you cant do things right then don’t do them at all. Find a backyard mechanic to do it for you if you cant.

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