Bedliner Paint Job Flat Black and Super Durable!

My name is Chris and Im addicted to truck bedliner. What I specifically like to do is paint cars and trucks with it. This stuff is ridiculous tough and the adhesion is like no other paint or primer I’ve ever seen. I’ve decided to make an article with a series of videos on how to do this yourself.

1. Choose the Right Brand

Not all brands of bedliner are equal. Some of them are a lot cheaper in price and thats because they are terrible. The good stuff is going to cost around $10 a can. Its not cheap. When painting an entire vehicle, you may spend over $100 in cost. The cheaper crappy brands arent as thick of a product and Ive even seen them spray out to look like just regular spray paint primer

Here is the only brand I buy ( Link)

I’ve had great luck with Duplicolor Bed Armor spray cans. When I have a project coming up I just order a couple cans off Amazon because its the cheapest Ive found it. Here is a link to Amazon page. There are a couple other amazing brands on the market too. But I don’t want to waste time on products because this isn’t a sales pitch.

2. Prep the Paint and Metal

This process is easy and don’t make it confusing. You need to sand your original paint with 80 grit sandpaper. You can sand by hand or use a fancy orbiting sander. Take your time and sand all the areas very good. This is the what is a BIG DEAL because if you don’t do a good job sanding and prepping your bedliner is going to come off later.

*Note: We don’t have to sand very hard into the existing paint job on the vehicle. The 80 grit sandpaper will do the work for you. A light sand over the paint will do the job. Basically we are just putting deep grooves into the existing paint so the bedliner can adhere nice.

Its super simple. Sand all areas very good. Get in door jams, underneath areas, EVERYWHERE bedliner will be applied.

Update: Getting lots of comments regarding rust! Let it be known that bedliner does not fix rust but only put a really good band aid on it. Nothing fixes rust because its rotted metal. The only way to fix rust is to cut the metal out and replace….but you already knew that.

3. Clean the Dust, Oils, and Debris

Once you are completely done with sanding we need to clean up. I highly advise you use an air compressor to blow off the areas really well. Spray out all the corners and surface area. Remember to just take your time and lay back a little in this process. Everybody seems to rush it but this is the most important portion.

Now we need a rag and general degreaser (mineral spirits, acetone). We are going to wet the rag and wipe down everywhere. Oh.. and then wipe it again! Haha! What Im getting at is this is a huge deal. Degreasing the surface area where our new spray will go is a huge deal. Once you have wiped it remember to not touch areas with your hands.

4. Tape and Masking

Now you need to get some masking tape and newspaper. Tape off all areas of the vehicle you don’t plan on spraying. This has got to be the worst part of painting cars! Agonizing and so time consuming. But such a BIG DEAL. Sit back and have a beer or two. If you take your time and be very diligent with your work it will pay off.

5. Finally! Lets Spray!

It is time to start spraying but you need to move slow and the first coat needs to be really thin. We want that thin coat to grab into those small grooves into the metal we sanded. Lay down a thin mist and give the first coat plenty of time to dry. You will quickly realize that spraying bedliner is not like regular spray paint haha! It comes out crazy and chunky in a way. Thats because the stuff is thick!.. and.. awesome.

6. Thin Coats in Uniform

A person can spray too much bedliner in one spot very quickly so you need to be careful. Thats why light coats are good. This also saves on bedliner spray because while this stuff dries it has a tendency to spread out which is more economical for use. Hopefully that makes sense. What Im saying is that if you let it dry in between coats you will use less because it spreads out more while in the drying process.

*Note: The amount of time you wait in between coats really depends on parameters in which you are spraying in. If its ideal temperatures like 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit then an easy 15 minutes is most likely going to be fine. Take a look at your coat and examine it. You will be able to tell if its wet or fully dry.

While spraying your coats also keep in mind that your spray painting a car with cans and you need to try to spray it as laid out as possible. Spray painted cars or sometimes referred to as spray bombed cars look like crap.. but dont worry because this stuff is a little different. Its thicker and will look descent. (Thicker is better so buy the good quality bedliner).

7. Touch Up and Angles

I find it to be extremely tough to spray all the different spots on the vehicle effectively at one time. Its super annoying to me! Door jams, on the side of the hoodunder the doors. What I usually do is just take my time and come back to the missed spots after I have a majority of the spraying done. Because lets be honest were going to screw up some spots.

8. Job Completed

Youve now finished spraying your vehicle (or sections) and you can now enjoy. Let the spray cure for a good amount of time. Enjoy your wicked awesome paint job and get ready for a lot of people asking you questions.
Is that chalkboard paint?
Is that plastidip on your car?
When are you going to paint your truck?

Here is the little Hyudai Car! I painted this for a girl! She loved the turn out and it gets a lot of head turns. The main reason for painting it bedliner was because it had TONS of surface rust.

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Posted by Nate E:
Ive been noticing a lot of people putting bedliner on their truck wheel flares and bottom of their cab corners. Almost like a small stripe at the bottom of the truck. It seems most of these trucks rust there. What advice would you give me for spraying the bottom of my doors and can corners?

@Reply from Chris:
I have noticed a lot of people doing that! I don’t blame them because its a good idea! The problem I hear about is people expect the spray to fix their rust and thats not the case haha. Like I said in the article: you cant fix rotted metal with a spray coating.

As far as advice: I would get a 4 grinder and get some of those pads with sheets of sandpaper lined up on them. These pads work AMAZING! I would use the grinder and pad to sand down to the metal and give that rust a run for its money! Sand everything down really well and maybe use some body filler (bondo) in spots if needed. Just get your area sanded well and clean up with mineral spirits and spray away!

I did this job for a guy a couple months back and it turned out good. He actually noticed some light rust spots coming in and wanted to do it asap. Most guys get to the rust too late but its still way better than doing nothing! In my opinion.

Posted by Darren B:
Im thinking about spraying a frame that I had bead blasted down with this spray..? What do you think of that idea? You mention that the adhesion is very good on this stuff and it seems like a good idea to me. Cool article by the way.

@Reply from Chris:
Ive thought about that idea too! Im literally obsessed with this stuff because the adhesion blows my mind. I would say go for it! The only thing I would worry about is getting the spray into bolt holes because its pretty thick stuff.

Posted by Anthony J:
I have a Ford F-150 that has a lot of rust around the wheel wells. I was thinking that bedliner would help slow down the rust and also make it look better. What do you think of this idea? The truck would almost look like a two tone paint job because the bedliner would be on the fender bottoms and at the bottom of the doors.

@Reply from Chris:
It seems many of you have this idea (hence the multiple comments above you haha). Its truly a great idea because it really helps everything hold up better. Check out some of the other comments.

@Reply: Thats where you went wrong! Buying a Ford is a bad idea my friend!  I had an f150 years ago and the thing just started crumbling apart.. Never again will I waste my money on a ford.

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