The Amazing Z Spyder Stradale From BMW

All new and daring projects sound like “too much” at first. But that doesn’t mean they are not viable projects. Just think about a knight at king Arthur’s court, gazing at a tiny IPod. What would he make of it? He’d probably call it “the sorcerer’s music box”. So don’t underestimate the potential of the BMW’s latest project car – the Z Spyder Stradale.

This car is expected to take things to a whole new level. And that’s for every detail – from design to power and technology. It is actually said that the car would be a spiritual successor to the Z8 model. But that’s about all you should expect it to borrow from the current model.

The typical steel unibody mix is expected to receive some aluminum and magnesium as well. The carbon fiber is also bound to be used in the construction of the car, and this should not surprise us at all, since the power-to-weight ratio is such an important issue. The open-top roadster will roll really close to the ground and the rumor has it that it will be powered by a hybrid electric/V-8 or V-10 drivetrain. This should be mated with a nine-speed dual clutch transmission and the output figures will go beyond 600 hp.

Being a car of the future, fuel economy and CO2 emissions will definitely be part of BMW’s biggest concerns. As mentioned above, the ride will be a hybrid, but that’s not everything the German manufacturer plans to do in order to make the ride as efficient as possible. For example, the active aerodynamics will have the role of reducing drag and thus improving fuel economy at high speeds.

We can only speculate on what the Z Spyder Stradale will feature, but until 2014 (at the earliest) that is about all we have.


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