Devil Red S14

Sometimes going off to college means not being able to have the nicest car, or eating Ramen noodles every day for 4 years. Sometimes though, it doesn’t mean all that. The 1996 Nissan 240 SX SE you see here, is testament to that fact. The owner of this sexy FR is indeed a “poor” college […]

Vince Civic SI EM1

The setup was there for the power, but how to manage all of it was an essential question. Vince went with none other than Hondata to fulfill his needs. An S100 unit with boost option was installed to a socketed OBD1 P72 ECU. To make this conversion happen without a hitch, Vince had to purchase […]

Turbo Honda S2000

The silver S2000 that you all are staring at right now is a true piece of art. Building off the foundation that Honda had already established, this S2K takes on a whole new aggressive look that’s easily backed up with forced induced air all the way to 9000rpms. Starting off with the exterior, the stock […]

TSeXXy – Acura, TSX

The years of 2000-2010 are sure to be recognized as a car craze decade. Is it practical to build a 500hp 8.3L 9mpg Dodge sport truck? Or how about the new Saturn Sky (yes Saturn) sports car that even hardcore import devotees are considering to buy. Whether we owe this sudden surge of car interest […]